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Fitness Playground started as a local Surry Hills Bootcamp in Prince Alfred Park.

Our first Playground opened in June 2014, and since then we have committed to doing things differently. Our mission was to create a unique fitness experience within a fun and friendly gym environment. The kind of place you wanted to hang out in. With a community you want to be part of.

A lot has evolved since then. We are no longer a small Bootcamp. We have multiple locations, thousands of members and over 100 staff.

Our unique classes, equipment, design and atmosphere make us different. But it has always been, and always will be the people of the playground that make us special.

Fitness Playground, Marrickville 2.0.

The Battleground Studio, Marrickville.

Signature CircusFit Class.

Fitness Playground, Our Community.

We're all about the stackin', pullin', hangin', liftin', swingin' &... power.

Fitness Playground 2.0 is here! We created the FP of the future starting in Marrickville. But, thi...

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