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AntiGravity Yoga

ANTIGRAVITY TM Aerial Yoga is flipping traditional yoga upside-down. This speciality class is a true fitness experience you’ve got to try.

Suspended from the ceiling in a pristine hammock, you will perform weightless yoga moves whilst the hammock provides much needed support, cradling your body whilst you float through a range of aerial movements that are both fun and functional.

You’ll get all the benefits of Yoga with the added reward of holding poses longer whilst decompressing and releasing joints without the strain of traditional yoga.

Developed by former Gymnast and Broadway Choreographer, Christopher Harrison, ANTIGRAVITY TM Aerial Yoga combines traditional Yoga, Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Aerial Arts into a fitness experience taking the world by storm.

In addition to our ANTIGRAVITY TM Aerial yoga classes, Fitness Playground offers 200+ group training classes per week including a variety of yoga disciplines, Pilates, boxing and specialty classes such as CircusFit & Athletica.

Learn more about our classes here, or grab a free ANTIGRAVITY TM class here.