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Athletica Personalised Training

Fitness Playgrounds Signature Small Group Training “Athletica” bridges the HUGE gap between Personal Training and Traditional Group Exercise.

These hybrid circuit/bootcamp workouts are delivered in our unique ‘Playground’ zone and is led by one of our specialised Personal Trainers who track, modify and provide personal guidance to members according individual fitness abilities.

With a 1:8 trainer to member ratio, Athletica Group Training is sure to take your fitness and results to the next level.

Choose from five Athletica Classes;

  • Athletica Fit – Burn Fat and Improve Shape
  • Athletica Stretch – Lean, Limber and Strong
  • Athletica Box – Lose Fat and Have Fun
  • Athletica Strength – Build Strength and Muscle
  • Athletica MMA – Lose Fat & Gain Cardio Agility

To learn more about our classes visit our Athletica Small Group Training Classes or grab your free trial here.