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Barre workouts have become all the rage and with good reason! Inspired by Yoga, Pilates and Ballet movements, they help you achieve the strong, long, lean body of a dancer.

A fun full body workout, this class will challenge and engage your entire body.
Using a small range of high repetition exercises for a targeted burn, you’ll target the little muscles that matter like butt and sides.

Most Barre enthusiasts, including The Victoria’s Secret beauties and Madonna rave about the awesome benefits of the workout.
Barre will help you:

  • Target female problem areas such as legs, thighs, butt and arms
  • Improve posture, coordination & flexibility
  • Sculpt, tone and elongate your muscles
  • Increase stamina and strength without the bulk
  • And the best thing is you’ll have heaps of fun at our studio, set to upbeat music and challenging moves.

In addition to Ballet Barre, we offer Pilates, Yoga and Meditation, plus your membership will include access to:

  • Athletica Small Group Training
  • 80 Group Fitness Classes each week
  • Unlimited Gym Access to 3 locations: Newtown, Surry Hills & Marrickville