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11 Reasons to Try Anti-gravity Yoga


Many people think of yoga as a way to stretch, relax, and meditate. It is certainly great for all those things, but yoga is also an amazing workout. It gets even better when you add in a variation, and anti-gravity or aerial yoga is one variation that’s growing more popular every day.

Anti-gravity yoga is all about rising against the forces that might pull us down. It is a yoga that is pushing against the very laws of physics to open your mind and body to new sensations. It is a workout that is for anyone, no matter what your skill or fitness level is.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from the practice.

1. Get a total body workout

Anti-gravity yoga is a complete workout that trains just about every muscle in your body. The movements might be slower than a traditional workout, but make no mistake, your entire body will be put to work during a session.

2. Sweat it out

Sweating does wonders for the body. It helps with the complexion by unblocking your pores and cleaning them out. It’s also a way to get rid of toxins and unnecessary salts that can lead to kidney stones.

3. And break a mental sweat too


By helping with your circulation, aerial yoga strengthens your brain’s neural connections, which helps improve your memory, focus, and intelligence.

4. Gain flexibility with less strain

By counteracting gravity with less strain, aerial yoga allows you to move with less effort as you hang in the air. Being suspended in the air can help ease tension in your joints and muscles, allowing you to gain flexibility and confidence in your movements. You’ll be amazed at not only what you’ll be able to accomplish, but also at what you’ll believe you can accomplish as you improve and grow.

5. Help your back problems

Hanging freely helps to decompress your spine by allowing it to lengthen. This stretches your back muscles and your hips, which eases pressure and reduces pain in your back. The great thing is that the pain relief will extend beyond the session itself. Repeatedly doing anti-gravity yoga can help reduce pain throughout your daily life as your spine decompresses more and more after each session.

6. Strengthen your core


Core strength is vitally important in overall health and fitness. Having a strong core gives you the ability to perform other exercises and actions that might not have been possible otherwise. Doing anti-gravity yoga not only strengthens your core but also builds muscle in most of your body. The more muscle mass you have, the better your body gets at burning fat, which makes anti-gravity yoga a great workout for weight-loss.

7. Create good vibes

Much like other workouts, anti-gravity yoga gets your adrenaline going and activates endorphins and dopamine in your body. These create good feelings and vibes that lighten your mood and make you feel happier. Exercise is the best anti-depressant there is, and anti-gravity yoga is a complete and fulfilling workout.

8. Aid your digestion

Stretching the way you do in anti-gravity yoga aids with digestive problems. The movements can loosen up the body’s digestive passage, helping with ailments like constipation and indigestion.

9. Avoid heart disease

Anti-gravity yoga is wonderful for improving your circulation. This will keep your heart healthy and running at its peak efficiency. Having a healthy heart will also combat the symptoms of aging. So basically, anti-gravity yoga is like a fountain of youth!

10. Help with tight joints

Stretching out your joints in a way that doesn’t strain them (since gravity isn’t putting pressure on them) helps loosen your joints. This will also help prevent tightness in the future as you perform the movements more.

11. Find calm and awaken creativity


Due to its meditative nature, aerial yoga is great for your emotional state. Yoga helps calm your mind and clear your thoughts, bringing you into the moment and bringing any problems into greater clarity. This helps fight stress, allows you to be more focused during your day… and can even help awaken your inner creativity.

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