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4 Group Classes To Try This Spring

Need a refresh in your workout routine? Group class training might be a way to keep things exciting and new. Reality is, not everyone can afford a Personal Trainer. And, as much as people enjoy exercising in groups, old school Aerobics and Zumba classes just don’t cut it. They lack personalisation, interaction and the routines don’t challenge your body enough. So if you want to try something different leading up to Summer, we’ve rounded up 4 of our favourite classes you should try at Fitness Playground:

Firstly, what is Athletica? Athletica classes are high-intensity functional fitness classes run by our Personal Trainers that takes the most effective elements of functional training to give you a whole body workout that delivers results fast.We’ve designed Athletica Personalised Group Training to bridge the gap between traditional group exercises and personal training. Our signature class – Athletica Fit, is a high intensity cardio and weights workout using ropes, sleds, wall balls and stacks of great exercises. Everything has been designed to get your whole body active, which is the best way to boost strength, fitness and best of all, your metabolism.

This specialty class is one of a kind. Combining aerial arts, calisthenics and fitness, you will work with a low hanging trapeze to follow a series of exercises that will increase your flexibility, build strength and improve psychomotor skills – such as balance, coordination and agility. This class is a truly unique experience.

As your ability increases, so do the exercises – so you’re always being challenged!

This is one of our signature workouts – A very challenging full body Interval style (HIIT) routine that combines 5 sets of bodyweight/weight exercises followed by a short sharp burst of cardio. You are going to feel amazing afterwards but get ready to sweat!

4. D.A.N.C.E
The brainchild of Caroline (Pictured above), this new dance class is choreographed to the latest hits where you can release your inner Beyonce AND burn calories. There are so many benefits of dancing (other than it being fun of course) – it can improve muscle tone, endurance, strength and your overall fitness. This class is exclusive to Fitness Playground Marrickville and is known to book out due to popularity so make sure you get onto it quick!