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What is Primal?

Primal is a profound approach to human movement; develop your joints, muscles, nervous system.
Not convinced? Move like you’re in the Matrix…

Primal is a specialty class designed around movement and mobility training. Learn movement patterns that will bulletproof your joints, stabilise & mobilise the spine, the hips, and the shoulders. Primal will help you develop increased flexibility and strength. If you’re making creaking noises, join this class to gain more freedom in your movement.

Meet Navin, our main PRIMAL teacher who explains, “The reason we’ve called it Primal is because these are the movements we had as children and we see in vertebrate animals.”

“A lot of the movements mimic animal movement to return that same level of flexibility and movement to the adult body.”




One of the most notable benefits of Primal is more stability. “If you can’t get low enough in a squat, and you start practicing mobility movements you’ll be able to get lower in your squat which leads to better strength and greater muscle activation,” said Navin. “You’ll be able to deadlift heavier, if you’re an athlete doing strength training. You’ll be able to overhead press better because your shoulder mobility will be better. In the day to day, you’ll be able to do unusual movements with your spine, safely. Things like picking your baby up and putting him in a car seat, or stretching to put things away in high cupboards – these force your body to move in different ways and can often lead to people getting injured because they aren’t flexible enough and their joints and connective tissues aren’t up to the task.”

Primal will help you improve your brain health. Navin said studies have shown that brain health is improved by performing complex body movements that challenge the brain, like those found in Primal Flow patterns. “It’s so good for the nervous system,” he said. “We’re learning something new, we’re integrating hemispheres.”


Primal movement is about making the body work the way it was supposed to. Modern-day life has made it very easy to avoid movement – even as everyday athletes we often focus on specialised movement patterns, rather than diversity and variety. By challenging our bodies with varied and complex mobility training we can improve our overall health, fitness and athletic performance.

Navin said most participants are surprised by the intensity of the class. “It’s not rated as a very intense class, but if you’ve never done these movement patterns you don’t have the neural wiring to do the movement… your brain will be like, ‘I have no clue how to do that.’ And that’s part of the relearning that’s integral to Primal – it’s like, ‘I used to play like this’ and adults don’t play very much. It’s a really important part of our life – to be healthy is to be able to play.”

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