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Prepare yourself for your next Outdoor Challenge: The Adventure Series


Introducing The Adventure Series with Surry Hills PT Ben Hurst

  • Do you dream of embarking on the ultimate physical and mental challenge? 
  • Is climbing the Himalayas or running City2Surf on your bucket list?
  • Do you think you might like to go on an adventure but have no idea where to start?

Ben will look after you; whether you’re tackling an Alpine summit or training for a marathon, it is about physical endurance just as much as your mental toughness.


“I love to lace up the boots and hit the trail. I’ve been hiking most of my life; from the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York, to the Himalayas and Mount Fuji.”

In the Adventure Series, Ben will prepare you for your next outdoor adventure from climbing the Himalayas to adventure racing like Tough Mudder. (Or increase your fitness for a weekend hike).

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The series focuses on getting you physically and mentally ready for your next big fitness adventure, event or challenge. It will cover the below 5 areas. Classes start Saturday 24th June 2017 9:30am -10:30am at Surry Hills Fitness Playground.

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Train for strength and endurance

  • Vital for any outdoor adventure success

Traditional weight training

  • Learn to strengthen stabiliser muscles important in everyday adventures and build lean muscle along the way.
  • Injury prevention.

Functional circuits and conditioning

  • These high intensity sessions will increase endurance for prolonged, sub-maximal exercise. 

Mental stamina

  • This is something you can also train. High intensity sessions will challenge your determination and mental toughness.
  • Meditation and yoga sessions will help build coping mechanisms for advanced treks and racing.

Practice Hike

  • There is nothing better than getting out there and acclimatising your body on a practice hike before your big challenge.
  • There will be a group hike in the Blue Mountains at the end of the series led by Ben which is the perfect time to acknowledge your progress . Details to come!

The class will take place in Surry Hills Fitness Playground using all three levels. Each class will finish with a group challenge (because everything is more fun with people)!

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The series is perfect for:

  • Anyone with an adventurous bone in their body
  • Individuals training for races like the Tough Mudder, City2Surf and other fun runs.
  • If you are interested in tracking their strength and conditioning progress in preparation for a physical event.
  • Getting you prepared for your next physical adventure and challenge.

The classes will build upon each other so you will see most improvement from attending regularly but you can also drop into any class.

Start date: 24 June 2017
9:30am – 10:30am
Surry Hills Fitness Playground
Instructor: Ben Hurst
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Hope to see you guys there! Any questions, just email or send us a message on Facebook.



Personal Trainer and Group Instructor since 2013, Ben has a Bachelor in Philosophy-Psychology and is currently completing a Diploma in Sports Massage, so he knows his way around a tight neck or two. He also has a world class certification in banter. Ben has adopted a pragmatic approach to training, combining both traditional and functional ideas to keep the gym experience fresh, effective and fun (he takes fun very seriously).