Best Gym in Darwin Comparison Guide | Gateway, Palmerston

Darwin’s Ultimate Gym Comparison Guide: Which gym is right for you?


Looking for a new gym can be an ordinary, even daunting process, we get it.

Getting back into training? Want somewhere new? Just starting out? Wanting a space that will give your motivation a kick up the butt? Or maybe simply seeking a fair gym membership price?

We noticed that Darwin gyms hadn’t quite yet taken the leap into crafting a creative, functional and accessible space that challenged our perceptions of what a gym could offer someone.

But at Fitness Playground, our mission is to change the gym environment & experience.

We’ve compared ourselves, Fitness Playground Gateway, against some of Darwin’s “leading” gym chains; iFitness, SNAP Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Fitness Works NT, F45, YMCA & Fernwood.

We considered everything from gym membership prices, class offerings, amenities, and even the facility itself.

We’ve done the grunt of the work so you don’t have to. Have a look at the below and see what works best for you. We might just be the one to tickle your fancy!

Remember when you loved being active? We’re taking you back there.

# Of Gyms Joining Fee Cost P/W 24 Hours Classes # of Classes
(HIIT) Classes
Fighting Fit
(Boxing) Classes
(Signature) Classes
Signature Sweat
(Group Fitness) Studio
Private MindBody
(Yoga) Studio
Functional Playground Olympic Lifting
Virtual Active
Rock Climbing
Fight Cage On-site Parking Boutique
FITNESS PLAYGROUND 1 $0 $16,95 80+
IFITNESS 4 $49 $14,95 60+
SNAP FITNESS 4 $99 $14,95 0
ANYTIME FITNESS 1 $99 $16,95 0
FITNESS WORKS 4 $99 $14,95 30+
F45 1 $0 $65,00 40+
YMCA 1 $40 $18,25 0
FERNWOOD 1 $199 $22,00 40+


Whether you’re a budding soldier or a super mum… Be inspired by a new way to train!

Launch off a climbing rope into a foam pit, scale our Rock-Climbing wall or swing from a trapeze in our signature CircusFit™ class. Crazy, right?

It’s not all just fun and games. Okay it is.

Try 80+ classes, 24-hour access, Lift Zone, private MindBody Studio, Fight Cage & more in a huge 1600m2+ gym.

Fitness Playground Gateway is a home for beginners, for athlete’s, for elderly, a place for everyone. And we mean that.

Does this sound like something you’d be into?

Why not give Fitness Playground Gateway a chance? Get your FREE 3-Day Pass!

P.s. you can bring a friend too!