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Fitness Fun Guide: These Events Will Get You Moving in 2016

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There’s no better feeling than completing a tough run or powering through a set of weights at a new personal best. For some, just feeling good and accomplishing those personal goals is enough motivation. For others, a little fun and adventure might be the best way to get them up and moving. Big fitness events are a great reason to motivate yourself to train hard, often along with a group of friends of training buddies. Sydney will have no shortage of great events in 2016 so it’s time to get your diary sorted and figure out what you’re working towards. Here are some of the most exciting upcoming events.

NTC Tour Sydney

19 March
Darling Island Wharf, Sydney

Led by Nike Master Trainers and other top trainers from the Pacific, this fitness festival combines a variety of workout styles from high intensity, to pilates, to cardio dance. You’ll work up a sweat with a high energy opening workout, 3 training session rotations and the ultimate closing workout. Many of Fitness Playground’s trainers went to past NTC events and will be attending again this year. Check out our trainers Agata and Laura at last year’s event!

Fitness Playground NTC

Spartan Race

2 April

The “Spartan Race” gives you the ultimate obstacle course to conquer. Climb, crawl, jump, and run your way to the finish line. You can choose from various distances and set time goals to push yourself to the limit. 

Jabulani Challenge

9 April
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This event is more of a straight-up running race, with different categories for different levels of runners. The draw card for this one is the natural beauty surrounding the course through Ku-Ring-Gai National Park.

Sydney Illumi Run

23 April
Canterbury Race Course

This one is a great way to start off an active ANZAC Day long weekend. Grab a team and take the route while being bombarded with illuminated paint. It also features neon dance zones, so make sure your running shoes can double as dance shoes.

The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

15 May
College Street, Sydney

If running a half marathon sounds like an achievement you’d like to tick off your bucket list this year, think about registering for this Sydney Morning Herald event. The bonus is that your registration and fundraising will go towards a wonderful cause – the race is run to support of the Cure for MND Foundation.

The Paddy Pallin Urban

6 June

This one is billed as a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, and amazing race all rolled into one. You’ll be required to complete challenges that will engage your body and your brain while racing around the city collecting clues.

True Grit

11 & 12 June
Lower Portland

Another military inspired event, True Grit takes you around a 10km course filled with challenges and obstacles. You can also sign up a team for their 24-hour endurance challenge and really test your limits.

Stadium Stomp

17 July
The SCG and Allianz Stadium

Climb the steps of two of the biggest stadiums in Australia – the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Allianz Stadium right next door. This one is for the more battle-hardened fitness enthusiast, as it involves 6,300 steps to climb throughout the challenge.

The Color Run

21st August
Centennial Park

If night time runs aren’t your thing, or you’d just like a little more time to prepare, book in for the day time Color Run in August. Held in Centennial Park, it’s part of what is now the largest event series in the world. In fact, since it’s also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, we reckon it could be worth taking up this challenge twice this year!

Tough Mudder Sydney

22 & 23 October
Glenworth Valley

Be prepared to get dirty! This one will have you running, climbing, crawling, jumping, and flailing, possibly, while trying to reach that finish line. Obstacles and challenges are set up throughout the course, making it more difficult than your normal fun run. It’s a lot of fun, and showers are provided to hose yourself down afterwards.

Miss Muddy Sydney

29 October
St Ives Showground

The dirtier, the better. Similar to Tough Mudder but run as an all female event, the focus of this race is to get as muddy as possible while climbing over and under obstacles and challenges.

Operation Blackhawk

29 & 30 October

Prove your toughness by completing challenges like you’re in basic training. Despite the militaristic nature, this one is also about fun, and challenges are available for all fitness levels.

Putting a little purpose into your training gives you motivation and a goal to reach, so consider registering for one of these events to help you push your training further this year. And hey, who said a fitness challenge had to be all hard work? You may be running, cycling, climbing, and jumping but you’ll also be laughing and even dancing your way to fitness with these great events.

What events are you getting involved with this year?