Fitness Playground Gateway Shopping Centre, NT

Where is Fitness Playground No. 4?

Our greatest fear is to become “just another gym”.

So, for almost two years we have worked behind the scenes to build something special.


  1. To create an environment that inspires people to exercise; rather than intimidate.
  2. To make exercise fun; while giving the serious trainers all the toys they need to get serious results.
  3. To build a community; not just build a gym.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect from our latest concept gym. Fitness Playground 2.0 is coming to Gateway, Northern Territory!!


Scale a 5.5m high cargo net, take on the rockclimbing wall, climb ropes and land safely on a 35m2 crash mat.



Lifting is the new black. So we went overboard with 12 squat racks, 8 lifting platforms, 15+ benches, Atlantis Weights custom designed and imported from Canada + our first Ladies Only Zone.



Hate machines? Come play in one of 3 Playground areas. Sprint down a 44m sled track or 65 running track, swing the monkey bars, and more bells, balls, ropes and rigs than you have ever seen.



Drop and give me zen in our damn sexy studio. Experience Barre, Antigravity Yoga, Pilates, Yoga or swing on a low hanging trapeze in CircusFit!



Sting like a bee in “The Cage” or float into a class. “The Cage” will have bags, floor to ceiling + speed balls to hone your skills. Or join fighting fit or fight club classes for cardio fitness.



Group functional sessions are our speciality. Choose from trademark sessions Athletica, Limitless, Bootcamp Adrenalin+ and exclusive to #4 “Ninja”.

“The Expected”

Our gym will have everything else you expect. A Kids Crèche, 24 hour access, huge cardio section, unlimited parking, 60+ classes every week, all within a huge 1600m2 gym.


Where is it?

Our newest space will be in Gateway Shopping Centre, Northern Territory.

Why the Northern Territory?

We are not a big chain. We are a local gym who is lucky enough to have lots of community support. Our team at Gateway has strong ties to the local community, this sparked our interest. The people, community vibe and growth of the town did the rest!

The Price

Never fear! 2.0 gym does not equal 2.0 pricing. Pre-Opening Memberships still starting from only $14.95 a week!


If you want a membership, a job, or simply need a guide for your fishing trip contact Jeremy at

He will be there with his team to help you in any way possible.

Memberships available from 1st July. Find out more here>

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Justin, Serra and Jeremy.