Fitness Playground - Habit Based Nutrition Workshops

Introducing Nutrition Workshops


Take control of your life and body, forever.

You already know what’s good for you, those green things that sometimes appear on your plate, right?

Do you find that you are always starting the latest diet trend?

Have you tried everything? (Cutting sugar, fasting, no carbs and no fun?)

Given the latest lemon, hot water and cayenne pepper Beyonce fad a go…?

Fitness Playground Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, Euan Murray will take you through 4 weeks of Habit Based Nutrition Workshops. Realise WHY you have bad habits and HOW you can break them. Break the cycle and take away tools and strategies that you can apply for life.

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Every Tuesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Surry Hills Fitness Playground
Free for all Members, Limited Spaces

Euan works with you in a small and interactive group to personalize an eating plan specifically for you. Each session builds on the last, come to all 4 workshops to gain the best holistic understanding on your own life and eating habits.

See you there!

Week 1: March 7th 2017

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Learn the 5 Questions you should be asking yourself before you decide to make a change. 

  1. What is your goal and why do you want to achieve it?

  2. What environment are you creating to help you reach this goal?
  3. What are your limiting factors and how can you change them?

  4. Right now, how ready, willing and able are you to make a change to your existing nutrition and health habits?

  5. What is your 5 Minute Action Habit?

Week 2: March 14th 2017

Slow Down: A strategy to Become Aware of Your Body’s Nutritional Needs. 

Week 3: March 21st 2017

Make the right choices: A template that explains exactly what should be going on your plate.

Week 4: March 28th 2017

Take Action: The steps to breakdown the barriers and make it happen.