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Introducing Strength Building Workshops

Do you wake up after leg day, and it feels more like it was lower back day?
Has your progress plateaued? Or you just want to get stronger?


Fitness Playground Personal Trainer, Quan Tran is conducting a 4 week STRENGTH BUILDING WORKSHOP SERIES.

FREE for all members, the workshops provide a solid foundation of strength training with a focus on deadlift and squat. The aim; to improve your strength, performance and progression.

Each session will build upon the last, so come to all 4 workshops to gain the best understanding & results.


Every Tuesday 7:30pm – 8:15pm
9th May – 30th May


Surry Hills Fitness Playground
*Spaces are limited, so get in quick.


Week 1 – Strength Foundation with Kettle Bells

  • Understand the fundamentals of a deadlift & squat
  • Learn how to build foundational strength
  • Assess your current strength and mobility

Week 2 – Barbell Back Squat Foundations

  • Learn the finer technical specifics of the squat
  • Learn warm up exercises for squats
  • Explore racking, bar grip position, feet position and breathing mechanics to increase your performance
  • Explore techniques to increase mobility and squat depth

Week 3 – Conventional Deadlift Foundations

  • Learn the precise movement pattern of conventional Deadlifts
  • Learn warm up exercises for deadlifts
  • Explore bar grip position, stance and speed of the lift
  • Explore techniques & supplementary stretches for rapid progress

Week 4 – Squat & Deadlift – Testing & Application

  • Developed your own tailored 4 week strength program
  • Learn how to apply the program into your current fitness regime
  • Learn how to test for progression (speed, movement, volume) and how to continue to improve strength performance and progression

Book your spot on the timetable.