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Meet Chris – Our Kiwi PT and strength coach at FP Surry Hills with superhuman skills. 

He’s a runner, climber, photographer, barbell lifter-upperer, hiker, athlete, mountaineer, nerd, self-proclaimed comedian and a naturalist (not to be confused with nudist). 

Photography is a huge passion of his and enables him to combine a unique and creative skill-set with his huge love of the outdoors. In his eyes, the perfect combination!


Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand

Chris specialises in:

  • Performance-based strength coaching and conditioning for men and women
  • Employing a hybrid powerlifting and bodybuilding style with his clients to ensure they develop useable muscle mass, increased testosterone, libido, safe bio-mechanics and all around better posture and awesomeness
  • Training athletes, doctors, dancers and performers
  • Making you sexier and to ensure you perform and feel better
  • Mobility and posture correction



He’s also experienced in:

  • Extensive practical rehabilitation and prehabilitation
  • Competitive powerlifting
  • Competing as a physique/natural bodybuilder
  • Obstacle course racing
  • Pre and Post-natal training for clients
  • Training Academy Award winnings A-list celebrities (who is is not at liberty to say but he may whisper it in your ear to show off if you ask him)
  • Training athletes, doctors, dancers and performers
  • Being a tactician when it comes to all things nutrition

Try his Conditioning Workout

He is currently developing an adventure tourism company with the first trip happening in April 2018 in Costa Rica. This idea has been a brain-child of his for some time so if Costa Rica is on your travel list, make sure to hit Chris up. 

“I like dressing up as a superhero sometimes, pretending I’m a dinosaur, I shave my legs and have been known to cry in Pixar movies.” – Chris Beight.

Follow Chris and his adventures on Instagram as @Chrisbeight

Drop him an email:

Or come and say hi when you are in FP Surry Hills. He’d love to discuss how many calories are in pizza, how hot it is or maybe even critique your selfie skills.