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Fitness Playground No.5 is Here: WELCOME TO THE BUNKER

FP #5 is here.

Prepare for a gym experience like no other.

Descend beneath the city streets to enter a futuristic world of raw concrete, neon lights and brushed metal.

This is The Bunker by Fitness Playground.

Powered by a sophisticated brass mesh core, this boutique gym literally pumps with a neo-Tokyo lighting scheme. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment from around the globe and unique training zones, The Bunker is set to change your training forever.

Founders Justin Ashley and Serra Burmin share their vision for The Bunker:



Our vision was to push the boundaries of what people expect from the gym environment and experience.

We have always wondered why most gyms look and feel the same. After all, environment drives motivation, and motivation drives results, right?

We want to make ‘Entering The Bunker’ an experience. We want it to be a place you will escape your usual gym routine and reignite your love for training.



We tried to select the best equipment from all corners of the globe.

Our Bunker-branded revolving (yes, revolving) thick grip Watson dumbbells are designed in England. Our Eleiko weightlifting bars from Sweden are used in the Olympics. Our beautiful Technogym cardio is produced in Italy. We selected Atlantis strength machines for their superior biomechanics and ergonomics.


The Bunker also features many pieces not commonly found in commercial gyms: the SKILLMILL, Octane AirBike, pendulum squat, reverse hyper, GHD (not the one for your hair) and the bench pull. Meanwhile, squat racks, platforms and benches are abundant.


We know many of our members will not know what this ‘special’ equipment is, or why it matters. However, after using it, we hope our community will feel and appreciate the difference.



The Bunker group classes will be smaller in size and emphasise quality programming and technique. As for the intensity? It will be high – very high.

Our Signature Classes are designed to make you sweat, burn and shred. AFTERBURN is a new class we are really excited about. FP Trainer Karl Daly has used science-based evidence to design a program that tests the upper limits of each of our energy systems. Ouch!

On the flip side, Speciality Classes aim to change the smash-and-bash nature of some group classes by focusing on movement, technique and skills. Specialty Classes fall into four disciplines:

  • ‘Weightlifting’ to develop your big lifts
  • ‘Primal’ to master movement
  • ‘Calisthenics’ for bodyweight strength (think handstands!)
  • ‘Strength’ for hypertrophy and strength training in a group environment.


When we started Fitness Playground we only ever wanted to build one gym. Thanks to our members, we ‘accidentally’ created five.

We are both scared and excited for The Bunker. We are crossing our fingers that you like our new concept.

The Bunker has given us the freedom to reinvent ourselves, and with any luck the gym environment. This makes up for all the additional grey hairs we have – well, more Serra than me 😉

Additional information on The Bunker and our limited Foundation Memberships will be coming over the next few weeks.

Thank you for all your enthusiastic support – we could never have done this without you.

We can’t wait for you to join us at the opening!

Justin, Serra and the FP team