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THE BUNKER by Fitness Playground is opening on Friday 27 April…

For a limited time, members of Fitness Playground Surry Hills have the opportunity to upgrade to THE BUNKER. Before you make the decision to sign up, here are the answers to some of your questions…

Why open a gym so close?

The amazing space. THE BUNKER was an opportunity to good to miss – it allows us to push the limits of the gym environment and experience.

Practically, Fitness Playground Surry Hills is not busy most times of the day, but peak times can be chaotic. THE BUNKER is a small, intimate and premium facility for our Everyday Athletes who would like to take things up a notch.


We love to experiment with new concepts, whether it be new classes, equipment or environments. So we are very excited to deliver something new.

THE BUNKER is its own entity, with its own facilities, equipment, people and culture.

THE BUNKER is not your typical gym. It’s a premium facility with an emphasis on resistance training, group training and personal training.

Who is it for?

THE BUNKER is the ultimate training space for the Everyday Athlete. Join if you love to train, sweat, lift and push your limits, regardless of your fitness level. The Everyday Athlete is a mindset, not a fitness level.

Why would I upgrade?

If you are looking for a more intimate environment, THE BUNKER has a much smaller member base and its training area is all on one floor.

The emphasis is on resistance training. THE BUNKER has dumbbells up to 50kg, 10 lifting platforms, Eleiko, Rogue bars, Atlantis weights and Watson’s dumbbells.

Being a smaller, premium concept, we can invest in some pretty amazing design and environmental perks, for example – GHD’s and organic products in our bathrooms.

Can I join THE BUNKER, I have a Fitness Playground membership?

We are offering a limited number of exclusive foundation memberships to Fitness Playground members. When these run out, we will open a wait-list. Operating first come first served.

If you are currently in a 12-month commitment with Fitness Playground, you can choose upgrade to THE BUNKER. We’re offering you the opportunity to upgrade your current agreement, without any penalty; on the condition you agree to a new 12-month commitment with THE BUNKER, starting from the day you enrol. 12-month memberships include 26 fortnightly payments. Read the full terms and conditions of your Fitness Playground membership here.

What about the price?

THE BUNKER is a premium concept, with a smaller member base, so the prices are a little higher than the average Fitness Playground membership.

How about the classes?

THE BUNKER classes are all capped at 18 people and run on the gym floor. This is because we want to create a personal environment and a close-knit community.

The classes are generally for people who have trained before, they will be challenging. Some of them will have entry conditions.

Can I still use Fitness Playground?

Yes. THE BUNKER membership will allow you to train at Fitness Playground. This will give you access to more than 200 classes a week across our locations!

What if I miss out this time?

You will have the opportunity again on the first Sunday of each month, for the next three months (subject to availability). If you are unsuccessful this time, we will email you and offer you first preference next time we release THE BUNKER memberships.

How can I find out what my current commitment is with Fitness Playground?

You can check your original enrolment form.
You can ask us by emailing
Or you can enrol today and ask us and we will confirm with you via email.

What if I currently have a 6-month membership with Fitness Playground left to complete?

You can choose to either finish this and you will not have access to THE BUNKER. Or you can choose to upgrade to THE BUNKER and agree to start 12-month commitment today. You decide what is best for your training.

What if I’m doing Personal Training at Fitness Playground & my personal trainer is staying at Surry Hills?

This will not be affected. You are still welcome to train with your personal trainer at the Surry Hills Fitness Playground. Or, when we open, if you decided to try a new personal trainer we can help you organise this.

When is THE BUNKER opening?

Our grand opening will be on Friday 27 April. We’ve got some great things in the works for our opening weekend!

What are the opening hours?

THE BUNKER operates from 6AM-10PM daily. Our office staff will be in the club from 10AM to 7PM Monday to Friday, and 9AM-4PM Saturdays and 10AM to 4PM on Sundays.

Are you offering trials?

Our members are our number one priority. During the first seven days THE BUNKER is open, we want you to come in, check out the facilities, train and make sure you’re happy. If you change your mind about your membership during this time, you need to let us know in person, in the club. This must be done within the first 7 days THE BUNKER is open. We will then amend your membership. Outside of the first 7 days, you are subject to the full terms and conditions of your membership.

Want to join or have more questions?

See your upgrade email or email