Aerial Yoga
flipping yoga on its head.

This specialty class is more than just yoga. It’s an experience. Picture being suspended from the ceiling, in a flowing pristine hammock, performing weightless yoga moves.

The hammock cradles your body providing much needed support, allowing gravity to slowly decompress joints and realign the body. Finally, you can simply let go.

Cirque Du Soleil meets Yoga as you float through a range of aerial movements that are fun and functional. Flow from traditional downward dog into fun new moves like “the awesome possum”, or the visually impressive “chandelier”.

Aerial Yoga, the yoga program taking the world by storm, is a global craze practiced by Gwyneth Paltrow and Pink amongst other celebrities. The practice was developed by former Gymnast and Broadway Choreographer, Christopher Harrison who envisioned combining Yoga, Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Aerial Arts into a fitness experience.


  • Physical Benefits Aerial Yoga will decompress your joints. Hanging freely will provide length to your spine and relieve stress from your vertebrae. Your core will strengthen and lengthen while you perform deeper stretches and longer holds.
  • Harmonial Benefits Enter a state of ZEN as hanging inverted refreshes the lymphatic, digestive and circulatory systems. Your body will then release “happy hormones” serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine. Be prepared to float out of the studio.
  • More Than Yoga People that do AERIAL YOGA do not always practice yoga. Aerial Yoga, is a combination of Yoga, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, and Aerial Arts. It’s more than “just” another class. This is definitely an experience that you should try at least once.
  • What To Expect Drop all expectations. Like all brand new experiences, it requires an open mind. It may be difficult to picture yourself doing backflips in a golden silk hammock in your first class, but many students do. Approach our immaculate studio with an open mind, release your inhibitions, trust your hammock and trust your instructor – they will do the rest.

MindBody @ Fitness Playground

We are more than “just” a studio. MindBody @ Fitness Playground offers a holistic fitness experience to help you achieve all of your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Here is a tad more about what makes us that little bit special:


If you have a bub, leave them in our care. We want you to focus on transforming the way you look, feel and think.

* Marrickville & Gateway Only

Intimate Class Sizes

Your class sizes are capped at 14 students per class allowing for better teacher interaction and safety.

Pristine Studio

Your studio has an beautiful design and ambience. With heating, brick finishes and only the best official Harrison Aerial™ Hammocks.


From a range of Yoga, to new and truly unique classes such as CircusFit™ where the entire class is done on a low hanging trapeze we pride ourselves on variety and creativity.

Access to Fitness Playground

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness. So after your Aerial Yoga class feel free to use our gym to work on your strength and cardio. Free of charge of course.

Whilst training for the World Fitness Model Championships, yoga not only assisted with my flexibility and posture, but it also complimented my training by boosting my strength and preventing injury amongst a vigorous routine.

Laura Basta World Fitness Model Pro Division Champion