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Our world class PTs are ready to help you get fitter, leaner and stronger.

Personal Training at Fitness Playground is more than just a training session. We’re about helping you achieve your goals.

Whether you're a beginner in need of a lifestyle change or a well-seasoned fitness competitor, our personal trainers are committed to giving you the best tools, guidance and ongoing support to ensure you achieve your health & fitness goals.

What you get!

Customised Personal Training that gets results

At Fitness Playground, we understand the challenges for getting fit. That’s why we’ve designed our Personal Training programs to deliver a complete fitness transformation, which is all about you – and ensures you get

A 360° fitness assessment

Every body is different - what works for some, won’t work for others. That’s why before we do anything, we need to have a thorough understanding of what makes you, you! We'll assess your fitness level, body type, eating habits, injuries, goals and many other elements, to ensure you get results.

Complimentary nutritional plans

Including weekly meal planners, healthy eating tips, as well as pre and post-workout nutrition advice.

A program that’s personalised to you

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to fitness. That’s why we’ll create a personalised plan based on your body type, fitness level and goals in mind – whether that’s losing weight, toning up, or lifting more!

Ongoing progress tracking

It’s important to know how you are tracking with your fitness, so we’ll constantly monitor your progress and make sure we take note of those all important numbers and personal bests.

Congratulations to Laura Basta, our very own world champ!

At Fitness Playground we are super proud of every one of our PTs and it never ceases to amaze us what they can achieve. That’s why we were super thrilled when, our very own Laura Basta became Ms Natural Olympia - AKA the World Fitness Model Pro Division Champion!

Laura (or Frenchy, as many call her), is currently a Personal Trainer at our gyms and is always on hand to help you kick butt.

To be the best, you need towork with the best

One of the things that really sets our Personal Training Program apart is our team of trainers. All our PTs are seriously qualified and industry-experienced – and they know what it takes to succeed.

Apart from the incredible passion that each of them brings to their day job, their real buzz comes from seeing you smash your fitness goals with a desire to keep improving!

We’re nothing like the
big corporate gyms...

At Fitness Playground our mission was to change the perceptions of the gym environment and experience… So we built the ultimate gym - fresh, fun and motivating with world-class facilities and industry-leading personal trainers.

With three Fitness Playground locations across Sydney:
Marrickville, Newtown & Surry Hills, and one in Gateway, Darwin, with 24-hour access,
you can workout whenever it best suits you.

It’s easy for mums and dads to get one on one training too

Our Marrickville location has an on-site crèche, which costs just $5 an hour, so you can leave your precious little monkeys with us, while you get busy working out!

“Nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone"