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Angelo Laris

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • Diploma in Fitness
  • 20+ Years Fitness Experience
  • Background in Bodybuilding & Fat Loss
  • Sports Speciality: Soccer, Martial Arts & Boxing
  • Nutritional Experience
My Training style
  • My approach to fitness is scientific rather than a brutal head-on slave training session.
  • I use tried and tested methods alongside more modern techniques to stimulate certain hormones in the body to achieve a clients desired outcomes.
  • Nutrition is always an important element to my training.
My fitness philosophy
  • For one to achieve anything whether it be a goal or greatness , one must first have a vision. With a vision we then become a sculptor, slowly adding greatness and strength whilst removing the negative unwanted parts of our life .
My Favourite Workout
  • Easy going, funny, laid back, but can also be tough and direct with an amount of knowledge that has only been achieved through hard work and experience.

""If you want something that you’ve never had before, you must be willing to do something that you’ve never done before"



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