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Brenda workout

Brenda Spillane

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • 5 years experience in personal training and group exercise
  • Certificate IV Personal Training
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer, recipient of class Champion Award
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Commerce (Accounting)
  • Softball Coach- Level 1, 23 Years experience playing at high level
  • Lifestyle and long term healthy habit transformation specialist
My Training style
  • High efficiency, targeted areas that need reformation/ rehab, correction and then challenge
  • Push people beyond what they think they are capable of achieving
  • Support and adjust the training session according to the persons needs and abilities at the point
  • Make it as dynamic as possible for my client- fun, energy and laughs are always a winning combination
My fitness philosophy
  • Everybody can be healthier and feel better, regardless of your experience level and ability
  • Don’t judge people – you don’t know what challenges they have faced and how fragile they might be
  • Fitness and health are for everybody- gyms and exercise are about you, not the body builder or the woman running like crazy on the treadmill- it’s your journey and experience
My Favourite Workout
  • “Thanks so much for that- see you next week!” This is the usual one!
  • “I feel much better now”- after a hard/stressful working day
  • “I’m glad you made me come today”

""Only the cool kids have a go... Rome was not built in a day""



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