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Jagan Blair-Summons

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
  • 2 Years of Powerlifting
  • Nexus Performance Seminar by Will Crozier
  • The Vectors of Performance Seminar by Broderick Chavez
  • 2017 GPC NSW State Titles Warrior Performance (U90kg)
  • 2018 GPC Sydney Cup Warrior Performance (U90kg)
My Training style
  • My style to training is to give it 100%. You only get one vessel so we should take care of it every day!
My fitness philosophy
  • My Philosophy on Fitness is a holistic approach. To me, you should focus and work on yourself from the inside out because I believe that way your transformation will be an all-encompassing total body change. This means, both physical and mental changes which I feel is a lot more rewarding than just having aesthetic body and not feeling 100% happy in it!
My Favourite Workout
  • My favourite workout is a 1 x Rep Max Deadlift session. Powerlifter life!

"No excuses, get after it!"



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