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James Brodie

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor of Science with Full Honors, fitness and personal training
  • 7 years Fitness Industry Experience
  • Senior Physical Training instructor in the British army
  • Worked with high level athletes within a variety of sporting disciplines
My Training style
  • My favorite styles of training is HIIT, the results that are created via this mode of training are life changing. I also specialize in rehab and biomechanics – getting people running again, strong for their sport and simply moving better and pain free.
My fitness philosophy
  • Fitness is a lifestyle and not a destination, and fitness is defined as being able to meet the demands of our environments. Oh and push-ups are good for the soul!!
My Favourite Workout
  • "I never thought I could ever be this fit!"

""Love what you do, love where you do it""



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