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Mark O'Brien

Mark O’Brien

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

Education & Experience
  • BSc Computer Applications
  • Diploma Physical Therapy
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Advanced clinical diploma myofascial release
  • Cert 4 Fitness training
My Training style
  • Strength, Cardio and conditioning
  • Compounds lifts, stability and balancing your training program
  • Stop training your strengths and start with your weaknesses
  • Train your rear
My fitness philosophy
  • Know your weaknesses and balance to your strengths
  • Get some Direction - Give it your Dedication - Reach your Destination Maintain your prime
My Favourite Workout
  • "I’ve never trained like that before...see you next week"

"People will forget what you said... People will forget what you did... But people will never forget how you made them feel"



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