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Serra Burmin

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • Co-Founder of Fitness Playground and Fit Crew
  • 6 Years Personal Training Experience
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach (CHEK)
  • Master Functional Trainer (AIK)
  • Amateur Boxer
My Training style
  • I love training women and teaching them to enjoy exercise. I tend to combine whole body movements that involve a lot of core and glutes with interactive high intensity fun stuff like boxing.
My fitness philosophy
  • Being healthy is about enhancing your life, not restricting it. If you eat a muffin or chocolate, enjoy it – don’t feel guilty about it! Where is the enjoyment in that? But also learn to enjoy movement, exercise and eating nutritious food as well!
My Favourite Workout
  • "You make everything so fun Serra! I love our sessions together and I would NEVER do this on my own"

""With your thoughts we create our world""



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