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Tom Merriman

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • BA Hons in Sport Studies
  • Diploma of Fitness (Injury Prevention & Management; Special Populations)
  • Specialised Diploma of Remedial Massage (Sports, Rehabilitation & Remedial Massage)
  • FMS Certified (Levels 1 & 2)
My Training style
  • Combining manual techniques, progressive motor control patterning and integrated functional loading to develop a baseline level of movement competency and improve performance capacity.
  • Using Hip Hinging, Squatting, Carries, Turns and Holds to influence adaptive changes and set the stage for Long Term Health gains.
My fitness philosophy
  • Everyone has the right to move well and without pain.
  • Building a Palace takes time - the foundations need to be laid, then brick by brick using the right tools and the right skills, a Palace will emerge.
My Favourite Workout

"‘If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.’ Booker T Washington"



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