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Tsvetomir Dinchev

Tsvetomir Dinchev

Personal Trainer

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor of Coaching Taekwondo and Physical Education
  • International Experience (Bulgaria & Australia)
  • Group Instructor; Adults & Children
  • Intermediate bilingual proficiency (Bulgarian, English)
  • TRX Group & Personal Trainer
My Training style
  • High intensity functional training & multi-joint movements to increase overall strength and mobility. My focus is to improve a clients weak areas with basic and modified exercises; focusing on perfecting each exercise technique to gain the best results and improve overall physical ability.
My fitness philosophy
  • Train functional - only lift heavy if necessary
  • Compound movements are always better –keeps your whole body working
  • Perfecting technique, leads to good results
My Favourite Workout
  • ...Wow... That was awesome ...

""Work for your dreams and be positive... If you don`t use it, you will lose it” "



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