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Sydney Gym

World Class Sydney Gyms by Fitness Playground

At Fitness Playground we offer members something different. Yes, we are a gym, and yes we offer the best parts of a traditional gym – But we offer so much MORE!

We pride ourselves on our:

  • Edgy Urban Designs
  • The Latest in High-Tech Toys
  • Functional Training Zones
  • 200+ Unique Classes – Some that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Small Group Training That Push You Into Submission
  • Specialist Instructors
  • Contagious Energy
  • Banging Playlists
  • A Dedicated Mindbody Studio
  • Weird & Wonderful Personal Trainers
  • An Awesome Community of Members
  • And Staff That Actually Care About Your Progress & Experience

We have Three Sydney Gym Locations, including Surry Hills, Newtown and Marrickville. And with 24-hour access, you can workout when it best suits you!

So if repetitive sets and boring classes aren’t doing it for you anymore… Try the Playground. Grab a 3 Day Pass here.